Wine tastings

The pleasure of discovering the Aosta Valley DOC wines

In the cellar

Our cosy wine cellar with its local green stone ceiling and antique wine press is the perfect setting to fill you in on the history of winemaking in Valle d’Aosta while sipping one of our wine labels. Moscato di Chambave, one of the region’s characteristic wines and flagship of our wine production, is sure to be one of them.

Wine tastings begin with a leisurely stroll outside the cellar before a visit to the winemaking premises.

In the vineyard

During the summer months, from the start of May until the end of September, the pleasant weather and clear skies draw you out into the surrounding countryside and open air.

Accordingly, our wine tasting experiences begin from the wine cellar and winery and progress into our vineyards.

This short journey comes to a close on a small sunny terrace affording an incredible view over the central valley and the region’s peaks: here we linger to take in the full flavour of our DOC Vallée d’Aoste wines.