The cellar

Withering, vinification, bottling, refinement

La Vrille - Winery in Valle d'Aosta

The processing of red and white wines

From the bunch
to the bottle

The care that is reserved for the cultivation of the vineyard goes on in the cellar, in these environments carved into the rock, where the natural processes for winemaking are followed without unnecessary and excessive wine manipulations.

In the winemaking room there are stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature for the processing of red wines and two insulated tanks for the processing of Muscat, useful for protecting and developing the best aromas.

In the barrel cellar there are instead oak barrels of 300 and 500 liters for the refinement of red wines and a little farther on there is the room dedicated to the withering of our passito, the Chambave Muscat Flétri.

Today the La Vrille winery produces about 18,000 bottles with the aim of maintaining a quality and territorial footprint linked to a limited annual production.

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