La Vrille wines

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White wines

Our Chambave Muscat and Chambave Muscat Flétri wines are produced from grapes grown in south-east facing vineyards at an altitude of 650 m above sea level, in the municipality of Verrayes.

The area’s morainic, sandy soil brings out the aromatic qualities of this grape variety which is part and parcel of Valle d’Aosta’s wine making history.

Chambave Muscat was mentioned for the first time far back in the late 1300s and its personality has enabled it to step across local borders.

Red wines

Our red wines are steeped in the flavour of Valle d’Aosta terrain.

The farm’s grapevines nestle in an amphitheatre on the morainic hillside between 600 and 800 metres above sea level, surrounded by mountains.

Here, on steep slopes and small terraces, we grow native grape varieties such as Petit Rouge, Fumin, Cornalin and rare native and almost extinct varieties such as Vuillermin to produce DOC red wines that pair perfectly with local dishes.

La Vrille - Chambave Muscat DOC

Doc Chambave

La Vrille - Chambave Muscat Flétri DOC

Doc Chambave
Muscat Flétri

La Vrille - Chambave DOC

Doc Chambave

La Vrille - Cornalin DOC

Doc Cornalin

La Vrille - Vuillermin DOC

Doc Vuillermin

La Vrille - Pinot Noir DOC

Doc Pinot Noir

La Vrille - Fumin DOC

Doc Fumin

La Vrille - Fumin DOC