La Vrille

Winery in Verrayes, Valle d’Aosta

La Vrille - Winery in Valle d'Aosta

Heroic mountain viticulture

A wine heritage to be preserved

The La Vrille wine company is located within the municipality of Verrayes, in the middle of Valle d’Aosta, at an altitude of 670 m asl. It lies along the “Via Francigena” pilgrim route, at the heart of the valley’s wine territory and boasts a magnificent view over Mont Avic and Mont Emilius.

The vineyards are mainly located in a natural amphitheater and enjoy excellent sun exposure throughout the year. Here they grow Pinot Noir (native to the French region of Bourgogne) and the native vines Vuillermin, Petit Rouge, Cornalin, Fumin, and Chambave Muscat, historical vine of the Valle d’Aosta tradition, which is worked in the dry version and in the straw one.

The first winemaking in the cellar took place in 2005.

In the barrel cellar, built in a vault with Verrayes green stone, the Fumin, Pinot Noir and Vuillermin are aged in tonneaux. This same small and cozy place hosts tastings.

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